The search field can be used to search for agency name, service type, major partner and target population (age range). To list all children’s mental health initiatives included in the database, search for “All Resources”. To find all initiatives with a specific partner, select the search type ‘all fields’ and try searching for the partner’s name or part of the name. (e.g. DCF or Center for Children’s Advocacy) You can find all initiatives within a category by clicking on the links below under ‘Suggested Searches’.


CMH Connect, is a resource database targeted to Connecticut children’s mental health stakeholders. This searchable database includes information about statewide initiatives, regional, and local programs that focus on children’s mental health as well as initiatives that crossover areas such as education, juvenile justice, health and other related initiatives. The purpose of this database is to build stakeholder capacity and to encourage collaboration across programs and systems in Connecticut. The database is not a direct service referral source for consumers like 211. Rather, the database serves as an important resource for program administrators and stakeholders involved in children’s mental health or related work.